Fernhill Mansion 1846Become a part of our history.

Welcome to Fernhill

A magnificent and iconic 1700 acre estate, in Mulgoa (Just South of Penrith), NSW. Built in the 1830s, her sandstone mansion and surrounds certainly make her one of the grand old ladies of Australia’s leading country estates.

Fernhill is a premier event destination with various venues on the property to suit every type of occassion from weddings to private dinners or outdoor concerts. Fernhill is only confined by YOUR imagination. We are committed to the concept of signature events... events that are destined to last just as she has. From conceptualisation to execution, we have the experience to deliver seamless events on time... Everytime. If you would like to enquire about a tour of the estate please email us at info@fernhillestate.net.au

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